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Since the brand launched in 2012,

Papa Recipe has been consistently challenging itself
to find the "True Recipe" for the natural beauty of your skin.

05 Opened Papa Recipe store (Halla University branch)

05 Held Papa Recipe brand renewal event in Shanghai, China

06 Selected Chung-ha as a model for papa recipe

06 Entered all "Sephora" stores in Spain

07 Launched Papa Recipe makeup line

08 Signed a strategic partnership with Alibaba China, "Tmall"

09 Entered LOHB's

2015 꿀범벅  
2016 신축건물  

01 Expanded to the U.S., Australia and Malaysia

02 Expanded to Thailand

03 Expanded to Cambodia

04 Expanded to New Zealand, Dubai

06 Attached an anti-counterfeit hologram tag on Bombee Honey Mask and launched an app to verify genuine products

06 Expanded to Canada

07 Opened Papa Recipe flagship store

07 Entered Watsons in China

10 Bombee Honey Mask surpassed cumulative sales of 100 million units

12 Established the brand slogan of Papa Recipe‘Skin voyage to find a true recipe!’


05 An Ye-seul became a model for Papa Recipe (~Dec.2015)

06 Entered Lotte Duty Free Shop, and expanded to Vietnam

07 Launched Bombee Honeyed Pudding Set

09 Entered Olive Young

2015 꿀범벅  
2014 봄비 꿀단지 마스크팩  

10 Launched Bombee Honey Mask


03 Launched Bombee line

08 Expanded to China

2013 블레미쉬 레이져 크림  
2012 아빠가 만든 화장품  

03 Established "papa recipe" brand

08 Launched Organic Jojoba Oil